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Band of Brothers holds fifth annual Juneteenth celebration

Band of Brothers holds fifth annual Juneteenth celebration

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Taking a moment to honor Freedom Day. Chavis Lawrence, One of the Founders of the Band of Brothers, says “It’s significant because it is actually the Independence Day of the last people that became free.”

Juneteenth marks a day of commemoration for many people of color.

“This is just a very very small win amongst a still very long battle to be fought,” says Chavis Lawrence.

Local organization Band of Brothers put on an event to inform people about the importance of the day. This year marks the fifth annual celebration.

“It just so happens that our fifth year doing this that the federal government is looking to make this an actual holiday,” says Chavis Lawrence.

The event featured vendors from across the CSRA and motivational speakers, like Johanas Harden. He says “It’s important to always talk about the past and the history. Not to continue to make people feel a certain way but to help people to understand the importance of where we come from.”

The Waynesboro native is proving that a tough start leads to a successful finish.

“When I was younger, I wasn’t always the young man you see right now. Long story short I began to break certain curses within my family,” says Johanas Harden.

The father of two gives thanks for his success to his daughters and a group of men spreading the message of community.