Juneteenth Augusta festival

Band of Brothers Augusta is excited to announce the 8th Annual Juneteenth Augusta Celebration!

“Juneteenth” is an annual celebration to commemorate the emancipation of the last remaining group of slaves to receive notification of their freedom in 1865. The Band of Brothers successfully hosted the inaugural Juneteenth Augusta Festival on Sunday, June 18th, 2017. Activities include the Juneteenth Community Clean-Up, Juneteenth Health Forum, Free-ish Art Exhibit, and the Juneteenth Augusta Festival.

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Band Of Brothers Augusta is very excited to Announce

wednesday, June 12th – Community Cleanup

location: TBA

TIME: 8:30AM - 11:00AM

Through a partnership with Augusta Technical College, the Juneteenth Community Clean-Up initiative is designed to aesthetically improve our environment by creating cleaner parks, streetscapes, and public spaces through litter removal and elimination.  The clean-up is meant to unify and beautify the CSRA communities and prompt individuals to take greater responsibility for their local environment. 

Band Of Brothers Augusta is very excited to Announce

thursday, June 13th – juneteenth augusta health forum

location: Augusta Tech ITC Auditorium Bldg 1000 - 3200 Augusta Tech Drive, Augusta, GA 30906

TIME: 6:00PM - 9:00PM

The Juneteenth Augusta Health Forum focuses on the natural health, fitness, and mental care of the Augusta/CSRA community. The forum is made up of health, social, business, and voluntary sector workers, who share a common goal of reducing inequalities in the overall health and mental care of the community, enabling them to become confident and informed about their health, mental care, and all available resources/services to the CSRA Region.

Band Of Brothers Augusta is very excited to Announce

saturday, June 15th – FREE-ISH ART EXIBIT

location: humanitree house - 305 8th street, augusta, ga 30901

TIME: 6:00PM - 9:00PM

The Free-ish Art Exhibit is designed to intentionally create artistic space for the Augusta community to showcase its depth of black talent in the arts and to appreciate the continued contribution of art by African Americans to the American culture

Band Of Brothers Augusta is very excited to Announce

wednesday, June 19th – Juneteenth Augusta Festival

location: James brown arena (7th street parking lot) 601 7th street, augusta, ga 30901

TIME: 12:00PM - 9:00PM

The Juneteenth Festival brings awareness to Juneteenth and spreads comradery amongst the community while commemorating the emancipation of our ancestors. This event comes complete with soulful-conscious speakers, health and wellness checks, phenomenal musical and spoken word acts, extravagant exhibits, entertainment for kids, and vendors from all across the CSRA. This event always has been and will remain FREE to the public in successive years!

Help Us Help The Community


In the excitement of this Familial Community celebration, the Band of Brothers Augusta has created an innovative way for your organization to help significantly impact the attendee’s lives while also spreading comradery amongst the community. With the task of hosting such a huge humanitarian event, funding is dependent on the support we get from businesses, organizations, friends, and family. Our goal is to accommodate 10,000+ members of our community, and we are asking for your assistance in making this event a huge success.


The Juneteenth Augusta Festival would be nothing without the most extraordinary exhibition of businesses and products on display from around the Augusta/CSRA community. The event is open to any vendor who wishes to participate. Participating vendors are permitted a vending space to display and sell their products to those attending the annual Juneteenth Augusta Festival. In addition, vendors may also choose to add their company’s logo to the event banner. We have a limited amount of space for vendors, so first come, first serve!


Great music and performing arts set the tone and control the vibe of the Juneteenth Augusta Festival. We are always looking for performers to be a part of the experience rather than just a viewer. Performing artists in the Augusta/CSRA community will have the opportunity to perform for 10,000+ attendees offering inspiration, hope, love, and enjoyment to all. We are now accepting applications for singers, hip-hop artists, dancers, musicians, spoken word artists, and comedians. All performers will be selected by a committee and notified via email. This is a family-oriented event. Performance slots are limited.


It is an excellent feat of hard work and meticulous planning to ensure that the Juneteenth Augusta Festival runs smoothly. Volunteers are the people behind the scenes, ensuring that every attendee has a memorable and positive festival experience. Volunteers will be asked such things as helping set up before the festival and helping with the clean-up operations afterward, car parking, litter pick-up, or even crowd monitors. A lot goes into providing a truly exceptional event, and volunteers are the people who execute much of the hard work!

Help Us Help The Community