The “B.O.B. Community Awards” were developed to honor, nominated individuals and organizations that continuously give significant contributions of their time, actions, talents, and dedication to the community.

Join the Band of Brothers for a special celebration of black excellence as we acknowledge and honor those individuals and organizations that have given so much.  The B.O.B. Community Awards ceremony includes a social networking hour, keynote speaker, food, drinks, and live music!

Band of Brothers Awards

Band of Brother Award Nominations

With so many unsung heroes in our community, The Band of Brothers believes this is the perfect chance to give back by awarding deserving individuals and organizations for outstanding accomplishments and continuous community service work within the Augusta/CSRA community.


We invite the community members of the Augusta/CSRA to nominate the most deserving individuals and organizations that are qualified and align with one or more of the Band of Brother’s award categories.  The deadline for nominations is September 29th, 2022.  Based on total nominations; our committee will determine the top 3 nominees from each category, and those candidates will be invited to attend the B.O.B. Community Awards on October 2, 2022.

Volunteer of the Year

This award aims to recognize an individual who has made a difference in the community and the lives of others through volunteering. They have given up their own time and are constantly putting others before themselves to help with no financial gain. Their positive attitude and approach adds a significant contribution when helping those in the community.

Educator of the Year

The award aims to recognize an individual that has been able to bring learning to life, supporting pupils beyond the school gates and with at-home learning. They go have gone above the call to support the needs of their pupils; especially in what was a particularly challenging year. Not just a teacher, but someone who inspires, encourages and motivates pupils.

Community Group of the Year

This award aims to recognize a community group that has come together as a collective to improve the lives of individuals in their area. Whether they operate virtually or in-person, this group has helped their community with information, supplies or resources to support those in need and they have played a part in fostering community spirit in the community.

Business of the Year

This award aims to recognize a business that has worked to support and make a difference in the community, without regard for financial reward. This could be for a contribution to charities or fundraising, training, apprenticeships or simply what it gives back to local community. They have gone the extra mile for the community.

Charity of the Year

This award aims to recognize an organization or registered charity that our community cannot live without. Charities; from those that work with children who have learning or physical disabilities, animal welfare charities, and those who support individuals suffering with mental health. These are all organizations that are truly special and many of us depend on.

Public Servant of the Year

This award aims to recognize an individual who has outstanding service and contributions and whose accomplishments are models of exemplary public service for those dedicated to the public good. They have served the community and have acted in a respectable manner, demonstrating a high level of dedication to protecting, improving, and maintaining standards.

Heart of the Community Award

This awards aims to recognize an individual who has pulled the community together through the past year. Whether they’ve organized online events, fundraisers or done their best to provide entertainment and information to those around them, this individual has been at the heart of the community and helped improved the quality of life and morale of those around them.

Triumph over Adversity Award

This award aims to recognize an individual, who has faced personal adversity, hardship, and lost, but has still come out on top and taught us a lesson in being thankful for what we have. They have fought against the odds and used their experiences to inspire others and even improve lives and have gone to extraordinary lengths to help and support the community.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award aims to recognize an individual who has worked tirelessly and constantly for the benefit of others for 19+ years. Whether they are a volunteer, fundraiser, community leader, charity supporter, or businessperson; all that matters is they have devoted a significant number of years to the community to make a difference and help improve the quality of life.

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